Life of Christ and the Beginning of the Church (Studies from John and Acts 1-12): Pupil Book

Junior Year 6, Book 2
Guardian of Truth Foundation (same material as printed by Cogdill Foundation)
Lesson titles: 1. In the Beginning 2. Nicodemus and the Woman of Samaria 3. Miracles and Teaching 4. The Man Born Blind and the Story of Lazarus 5. In the Upper Room 6. The Trial and Crucifixion of Christ 7. Jesus' Last Days on the Earth 8. The Beginning of the Church 9. The Crippled Man at the Beautiful Gate 10. The Wise Counsel of Gamaliel 11. The Death of Stephen and the Conversion of the Ethiopian 12. The Conversion of Saul and the Conversion of Cornelius 13. The Church in Antioch