King Ahab To The Capture of Jerusalem: Student Book

Primary Year 2, Book 3
Guardian of Truth Foundation 1982
Lessons are from 1 & 2 Kings: 1. Naboth's Vineyard; 2. A Chariot of Fire in a Whirlwind; 3. How Elisha Helped Many People; 4. How a Slave Girl Helped a Great Soldier; 5. When the Israelites Fed Their Enemies; 6. The Boy Who Was King of Judah; 7. How the Kingdom of Israel Was Lost; 8. How God Helped Good King Hezekiah; 9. Hezekiah's Visitors From Babylon; 10. When the Book of the Law Was Found; 11. When Josiah Put Down Idolatry in Judah; 12. How Judah Was Captured and Destroyed; 13. God Keeps His Promises