The Period Of The Judges: Student Book

Primary Year 1, Book 4
Guardian of Truth Foundation 1982
Lessons from the books of Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel: 1. A New Leader For Israel; 2. A Judge Who Was Left-handed; 3. A Woman Who Was Judge; 4. A Brave Man Who Destroyed An Altar; 5. How A Battle Was Won With Three Hundred Men; 6. The Bramble King; 7. The Story Of Jephthah; 8. The Judge Who Made Riddles; 9. The Strongest Man; 10. A Woman Who Left Her Idols; 11. Ruth Finds A Home And Happiness; 12. The Son Who Came In Answer To Prayer; 13. The Last Judge Of Israel. Lessons are followed by vocabulary words, activities, and pictures to color.