Kings of Judah: Workbook

Senior 11, Grades 10-12, Summer Quarter
Lambert Book House
Lesson titles are: Rehoboam-Judah's First King; Abijah-A Spark of Glory; Asa-The King Who Did Right; Jehoshaphat-The King Who Was Godly Yet Human; Three Rulers Who Sowed and Reaped; Joash, The Boy King; Amaziah-The King Who Started Well; Uzziah, The King With Pride; Hezekiah, The King Who Forgot His Strength; Manasseh, The King Who Restored Evil Then Repented; Josiah, The Teen King That Made a Difference; Tale of Three Kings-Jotham, Ahaz, and Amon; The Last Kings of Judah. At the end of each lesson are short answer questions taken from the lesson and the scripture text, discussion questions, and extension questions designed for the students' personal meditation and development. There are questions at the end of each lesson.